School Emblem


Looking at our school badge we see three divisions, each representing an object.In the upper division there is a crown on a white background—white is a color of purity, honesty and sincerity. The crown signifies the reward with which every student will be crowned after years of effort and labour studying and learning.

On the right side there is a lighted torch infront of an open book on blue ground—Blue is a color of the sky, the symbol of high idealism. As everybody knows, the book is the symbol of knowledge and learning and the torch shows that the knowledge is alive. This continually reminds the students of his sacred duty to study, to earn and to increase his knowledge,that may be a source of enlightenment and inspiration to others.

On the left side, there is a Cross of the Knights of Malta on the red and white flag of the island of Malta. This shows that the Christ the king School was founded by Maltese Fathers.

Under the badge there is a scroll containing a latin inscription- the motto of our school- CORONA NON SINE LABORE meaning There is no crown without labour.