Library Rules

  • Strict silence must be kept in the library.
  • No one may take any book from the library before having it entered in the library card.
  • Books are issued for the borrower only.
  • Only two books for light reading may be borrowed for a period of four weeks.
  • The attention of the librarian must be drawn to the books that an intending borrower finds damaged. If the damage is detected on the return of the book, the borrower will be held responsible
  • Lost or damaged books or magazines must be replaced or paid for at the rate determined by the librarian.
  • All books must be returned before the beginning of the Terminal and Annual Examination by the date fixed by the librarian, otherwise a fine as in rule six will be applied.
  • A pupil who does not pay a fine or is guilty of disobedience to the librarian or does not behave in a responsible manner in the library renders himself liable to suspension from the use of the library.
  • Each pupil must have the library card. In the choice and requisition of books for reading, pupils should avail themselves of guidance of their teachers.