Rules of Discipline

Irregular attendance at college, habitual Iaziness, disobedience, objectionable moral influence, intentional discourtesy or disrespect to teachers are sufficient cause for dismissal.

Any student who is found to have done damage of any kind in the class room or any where in the premises of the college has to make good the damage which may call for suspension.

All should be particularly careful to avoid throwing remnants of food, papers etc. any where in the college premises except in bins provided for the purpose.

No fines of any kind or collections for any purpose whatsoever or sale may be made without the Principal's express sanction.

No unwanted books, newspapers or Video clips, periodical may be brought to the college premises without the Principal's sanction. Students found with immoral books or picture in their possession or seen lending them to others are liable to be expelled from the college.

When students are moving along corridors or up and down they should go in silence and “ keep left”.

Running, playing or shouting inside the college building is strictly forbidden.

No student is allowed to remain in the class during the recess time or when the class is out for some other activity.

Participation in Physical Education, games and other Occasional activities is deemed compulsory by the college authorities since games and athletics play an important part in a student's all-round education. They will be excused participation only on a previous written recommendation of a medical officer.

Pupils who expect to return late to their home are responsible for informing their parents about it in advance.

Pupils are answerable to the College authorities for their conduct both in and outside the college. Hence misbehaviour of any kind in the streets and other public places justifies their dismissal.

No late arrival to college may be admitted to class without the Principal's or PTI’s signature on the record of the late comer or Teacher's Remark page in the college diary.

If a student arrives late thrice in the same month a fine is imposed on him, every time he comes late thereafter. If he repeatedly comes late he is liable to be dismissed from the college.

College starts with a prayer. Pupils recite prayers and sing hymns, listen to the news of the day and walk in silence to their classroom. When the last period is over, students recite the prayer after class together.

During college hours, parents/ guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers or visit the classroom or walk about in the college premises. They need permission to do so.

The college is not responsible for the loss of books, pens, money etc. Each student is responsible for his things (It is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches or fountain pens to the college). Books and other properties must be marked, as far as possible, with the owner's name.

No meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held by the students without the previous sanction of the Principal.

Every student must possess a copy of the college diary and must bring it to the class on all college days.

Because of the high standard of English required for the Indian School Certificate Examination, English will be spoken at all times in the college premises.

Absence on the days of a college function, be it on working days or holidays or national holidays will incur serious disciplinary action/ fine.

Any student who repeatedly or willfully misbehaves or is guilty of malpractice in the examination or committed an act of serious indiscipline/ misbehavior shall be either suspended or dismissed from the college.

Any act of collective serious indiscipline, if the main responsible students are not traceable will result in the suspension of the entire group or class/classes for a period judged by the principal.

The principal shall take confidential report about the students from the teacher or any other school staff. Parents could be asked to withdraw their sons from the school on the basis of the confidential report.

Students not confirming to the school's ideals of honesty, religious pluralism, cleanliness, good manners and loyalty may be asked to leave the college. Acts of immorality, insubordination, contempt of authority [both by parent as well as students] or destruction of school property, quarrels, squabbles, use of foul language, smoking, drinking and drugs of any kind taking or giving to others etc. are sufficient reasons for dismissal and may handover such students to the police or concerned authorities.

All disciplinary action taken by the Principal are effective and binding on the offending student. No review or revision shall apply to any court of law. Any interference from any department or party to forestall such disciplinary action shall not be entertained.

Students coming to the college on their Bicycles, Mopeds and Motor Bikes should be of 18 years. May I request the parents to send your child by Auto or Bicycle only.

(Pupils are expected to be responsible to the person incharge of the cycle stand. Anyone guilty of disobedience or disorderly conduct will not be allowed to keep his cycle in the cycle stand or anywhere on the college premises.)

Those using motor bikes or scooters must have a driving licence from a valued authority otherwise parents will be responsible for the same.

Parents must make their sons to observe GOs of transport commissioner of U.P.

Gifts to the members of the staff or other demonstration in their honour, require prior sanction by the principal.

Personal cleanliness is expected of all students. The school uniform worn by students must be clean, neatly pressed, shoes polished, finger nails clipped and hair neatly combed. Discoloured uniform, worn- out socks and shoes should be avoided. A student may be sent home for lack of personal cleanliness, untidy hair, dirty clothes and shoes.